Reasons Your Body Feels Heavy And Lethargic

Your body may feel heavy and tired for various reasons. These feelings are usually brought about by physical exhaustion, stress, or depression. You can also be feeling this way because of your metabolisms, the food you ate the night before, or due to medical conditions which make you feel lethargic all day long.

Learn more about these causes below.

Physical Exhaustion

This largely depends on how much sleep you are getting during the night. If your body does not get enough rest, then it will begin to experience fatigue that is amplified during the daytime when you are awake.

The best solution for this is to go back to bed and relax so that your body can recuperate from its tiredness. Make sure that you set an alarm because if you sleep for too long, then that can also be a reason why your body feels heavy.

Stress And Anxiety

Many people feel anxious and stressed on some days due to work overloads or deadlines, personal problems, family issues, etc. When these feelings become too overwhelming, it triggers the release of cortisol in your system which results in physical exhaustion that can eventually lead to depression.

To cure this problem quickly, then you should practice some relaxation techniques such as yoga so that you can get rid of stress and anxiety more easily.

Diabetes Mellitus And Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia is a condition where blood sugar levels are very low which causes temporary confusion and fainting spells while diabetes mellitus is when blood sugar levels are high.

One of the main symptoms of diabetes mellitus is physical exhaustion due to lack of insulin production while hypoglycemia can cause fatigue and physical weakness because glucose stores in your body that gives you energy have been burned out. If you’re a diabetic, then you should work closely with your doctor so they can monitor your condition properly especially during times when your blood sugar is low or high. Once diagnosed, doctors will work hard on bringing hormone levels back to normal which includes restoring proper sleep patterns.

Leaky Gut Syndrome

In order for nutrients from food to be absorbed through the intestines into the bloodstream, there needs to be a hole-free wall lining called intestinal wall lining or intestinal barrier. When this barrier becomes compromised, there is a breakdown of overall immunity.

The most common reason for this is the overuse of anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen and naproxen. These kinds of medication can be bought legally by people who have a prescription from their doctor but may also be available in supermarkets without the need to check with anyone.

When taken regularly or in large doses, they can cause damage to the mucus membrane lining within your gut which leads to Leaky Gut Syndrome. This syndrome allows toxins that are normally kept inside the intestinal tract to spread further through the body causing systemic problems including autoimmune diseases like thyroid disease, lupus erythematosus, and rheumatoid arthritis among others.

Poor Nutrition And Hydration

When you eat foods that are high in processed sugar, hydrogenated oils, and saturated fats or low in nutrients, the body’s ability to produce essential enzymes is lowered. Without these enzymes, your body cannot digest food properly, leading to gas buildups which cause bloating and fatigue.

Water plays a key role in keeping us alive – it helps with carrying nutrients from our organs to our cells and distributing oxygen throughout our bodies. When we don’t drink enough water, our kidneys work harder to concentrate urine which causes dehydration. It also results in a breakdown of proteins within muscles that can result in weakness, tremors, and lack of coordination.

Lack Of Sleep And Rest

The more time you spend resting at night after a long day at work, or during your day off, the more energy you’ll have to get through the next day. Without sleep and rest, our bodies are constantly in a state of stress that causes fatigue over time.

People who don’t get enough sleep will often turn to caffeine for an extra burst of energy – which is short-lived anyway. Sleep deprivation is caused by poor sleeping habits but can also be due to work schedules, family troubles, psychological problems, etc.

There are many reasons why people feel tired all the time – some may need medical attention while others do not require any treatment at all. However, it’s important to remember that you should never ignore feelings of lethargy since they could point towards something more serious in nature which requires urgent care.


Depression is one of the main causes responsible for causing fatigue in people. If you’re experiencing sadness and loss of interest in everything, then this could be a sign that your emotional well-being is suffering. People often suffer mood swings when they go through depression – moods changes that can affect you physically as well as emotionally.

People who are clinically depressed usually find it hard to get out of bed most days because their illness has drained them of all energy. They will feel fatigued all the time; there’s no way they can force themselves up if they don’t have to attend school or work.

Another common cause of why people experience feelings of lethargy for extended periods is stress. A condition called adrenal fatigue also known as ‘burnout’ can be caused by constant stress that often leads to feelings of lethargy, cravings for sugar, and high blood pressure.

People who suffer from this kind of fatigue can benefit greatly from removing sources of stress in their lives such as toxic relationships, dealing with workplace harassment, or managing deadlines at school or work.

A second stage is a hormonal imbalance with symptoms like menopausal or perimenopausal issues like hot flashes or night sweats. These are usually common triggers for people with adrenal fatigue because the body has an overstressed endocrine system (hormones) which is why it’s important to get tested for hormone imbalances if you think you might be suffering. Persistent menopausal problems can result in feeling constantly exhausted simply because your adrenals are working double-time to keep you going.

No matter the reason for your fatigue, there are natural ways to beat it and I’ve made a list of herbal adaptogens that can help your body manage stress and restore balance. These herbs increase energy levels without overstimulating us like coffee or sugary energy drinks do. You can take them as supplements or ingest them in tea form to boost physical and mental performance!

The best part is they don’t have any side effects unlike synthetic drugs on the market today which often cause further problems later down the line. The first hormone that begins fluctuating after puberty is called DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone). It’s produced by the adrenal glands and it’s the precursor hormone for testosterone.

Women begin producing testosterone after puberty as well because they need it to maintain muscle, libido, and bone density. It is also responsible for sex drive in both men and women. If these hormones become imbalanced then your energy levels will reflect that too! If you’re feeling tired every day despite following a healthy, nutritious lifestyle then it could be due to something called cortisol. Cortisol is produced by the adrenal glands in order to regulate our stress response.

It gives us the energy we need to deal with stressful situations but if we have too much cortisol circulating in our bloodstream all the time then this hormone can leave us feeling exhausted when we don’t have anything stressful to deal with. Another hormone that can lead to all kinds of health problems if it’s not balanced properly is insulin. If you’re having trouble losing weight then it might be due to insulin resistance too!


This can be a common cause for feeling tired and exhausted. If your thyroid gland isn’t producing enough thyroxine and triiodothyronine then you probably won’t have the energy you need to get through the day. Getting a blood test done can reveal whether or not this is an issue for you or not!

Allergies And Sensitivities

If you’re coming into contact with things that cause allergies and sensitivities then it makes sense that they’d leave you feeling unwell too, doesn’t it? For example, if dust mites are one of your allergens then living in a heavily-misted house will definitely overwhelm your immune system eventually. If gluten bothers your digestive system then eating bread, pasta, cakes, etc will have an effect on your body.

In both cases, if you’re not careful then you’ll end up with problems such as lethargy and chronic fatigue, which will prevent you from living a full life.

More serious allergies can lead to more serious issues too – for example, someone who is severely allergic to peanuts may stop breathing when they eat peanuts! This is a very extreme case but it’s certainly an example of how bad things can get.

Overload Of Caffeine

Most of the people on this Earth are caffeine addicts. That’s because it’s so easy to get caffeine… you can buy sodas at every store, coffee is available everywhere and all of these drinks have some form of caffeine in them. Caffeine has become a part of our lives without most people even realizing it!

Caffeine is addictive for a reason – the body adapts to the amount that’s taken into it over time. If you drink 100 cups of coffee then your body will eventually adapt to that, meaning that if you cut out caffeine completely then you’ll suffer withdrawal symptoms which will leave you feeling lethargic and exhausted.

For example, imagine drinking 3-4 pots of coffee every day, then going cold turkey. You’d have a headache and feel exhausted for days on end until your body stopped being used to caffeine in that amount. So what can you do if you’re a coffee addict? Well, there are some options – slowly ween yourself off of caffeine by drinking less each day until you reach a point where it doesn’t have any effect or go to decaf!

Also, try replacing coffee with healthier drinks such as green tea. Green tea isn’t caffeinated so it won’t give you the jittery feeling of too much caffeine but it still has some health benefits. In fact… everything I’m about to mention has health benefits of course! Just remember, these aren’t going to be instant fixes, it’s going to take time and effort!

Cut down on caffeine – as mentioned before! Reduce the amount you drink daily. Who knows, maybe your body will get used to less caffeine and you won’t need as much anymore? Avoid energy drinks or other caffeinated beverages such as red bull or monster (or other fizzy drinks like lemonade). An occasional one isn’t too bad, but try not drinking them every day… and if you do, don’t drink more than one can a day.

If you absolutely cannot resist coffee then I would recommend buying decaf, which is surprisingly tasty. You can even buy decaf espresso if that’s what you’re into! If not then stick with regular without the caffeine – beware though, this is the least effective solution!

Putting It All Together

So there you have it, the reasons why you may be feeling tired and lethargic (fatigued… certainly not in the mood to do anything). As well as the solutions to keep you going! By following these simple steps you can become more ‘awake’ and energized by morning!

Don’t just read this article, actually take action and utilize the information that you’ve been given. It can make a massive difference in how you feel overall. Take the time to re-read the article to see which aspect may be a hindrance to you, and how you can overcome it.

So to summarize and the first steps to try would be to:

·         Get more sleep. This may be the most obvious, but for all of you out there who are unaccustomed to having an early night by 10 pm (and getting the perfect 8 hours), it’s time to re-adjust your schedule.

·         Eat food that is full of energy-boosting properties. I know this is hard when you do not cook! But if you can even buy some overnight oats or quinoa for breakfast, these will give you plenty of energy throughout the morning. Some nuts at lunchtime won’t go amiss either…the good kind of fats are needed too!

Best of luck, and I hope your energy boost comes soon!