Lose Weight With Or Without Vegetables

You hear over and over again how important eating vegetables is to losing weight. If you like vegetables then eating them will work in your favor with regards to weight loss. There is a reason that vegetables are a vital part of the food pyramid but if you cannot stomach them, it’s not the end of the world! As long as you are making positive changes to the food you eat and how much you eat, you are still going to see results. It is recommended trying different vegetables and also cooking them in different ways before deciding they are wrong for you.

#1 Counting Calories.

It’s really important that you know how many calories are in the food that you are eating. Eating between 1500-2000 calories a day should see you lose weight but this does vary depending on your current stats. 1800 is a nice number to stick to particularly if you are also incorporating exercise into your day. Some other low calorie foods include eggs, fish and lean meat.

#2 Watch Sugar And Carb Intake.

You should eliminate refined sugar from your diet or at least cut it down. Any carbohydrates that are not used right away are actually turned into sugar. This sugar, or glucose, will also store unnecessary water which could increase your weight without you doing anything at all to warrant it.

#3 Increase Protein Intake.

Protein packed foods have so many benefits, they aid digestion, they help build muscle for a leaner appearance and they are also fairly low calorie. You should be eating protein on a regular basis to reach your goal weight. This includes food like skinless chicken, turkey, eggs, nuts, and seeds.

#4 Stop With Take Out.

Take outs and fast food can be convenient but they are no good for your waistline. Fast food is high in both sodium and calories and let’s face it, you never know exactly what is going into these foods. It is recommended replacing these type of meals with easy dinners you can make yourself at home.