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Don’t Eat These 5 Things After A Workout

To gain the maximum benefits out of our workouts, we need to pay more attention to the food we eat. The truth of the matter is, our bodies require specific nutrients after a workout. This means that if you take the wrong foods, you’ll end up doing more harm than good to your body.

#1 Raw Vegetables.

You’re shocked by this, raw vegetables seem like a healthy choice and simple post-workout meal! However, after a workout, what your body needs is something that will replenish your system. Raw vegetables can’t do that since they have a very low calorie count.

#2 Pizza.

Having pizza after your workout is not advisable at all. For starters, a slice of pizza has an insane amount of calories. This makes it easy to eat back all the calories you’d burned off during your workout making all your efforts useless. Secondly, the cheese and meat in pizza are hard to process. As a result, you won’t immediately feel the filling effect immediately you eat.

#3 Potato Chips.

They seem so harmless since they are simply a snack. However, potato chips contain excessively high amounts of salt. High levels of salt slows down potassium intake in the body leaving you feeling tired. The point of working out is to leave your body feeling energized and eating potato chips will cancel out that effect.

#4 Pop Drinks.

One of the things our bodies crave immediately after a workout is a cool drink. More often than not, we always go for the carbonated soft-drinks. However, this is a bad choice. Most of these pop drinks are packed with lots of chemicals, sugars and calories. This combination leaves you craving for more instead of feeling satisfied hence not serving their intended purpose.

#5 Fried Delicacies.

Fried delicacies have a high number of calories and that’s what you need after a workout, right? Wrong! Although fried delicacies might replenish your energy supply, they also add on a huge amount of unwanted calories making your workout useless.