Clever Ways to Get Yourself to Start Exercising

You may want to have good endurance and muscle strengths. I mean who wants to be weak right? Through exercise, your whole body will improve- along with;

  • lung and heart improvement
  • your cardiovascular will work profoundly
  • weight control
  • mood improvement
  • energy boost
  • better sleep
  • combats health conditions and diseases such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, depression, and anxiety

To achieve all of these benefits, you need to have regular physical activity like exercising. But the ‘exercise’ alone sounds tiring already as is starting it. No joke though, imagining exercising can be fun but when you start doing it, it feels like going through hell. No exaggeration. Lifting weights, stretching those arms and legs, push-ups, squats, planking- all of those are indeed hard and tiring.

But I’m telling you, once you start doing it; it will be all worth it in the end. Exercise is pivotal in improving holistic wellbeing.

That’s why we are here to help jiggle all those weights and strengthen your bones by providing clever ways on how to improve your health by exercising.

Collect Feel-good and Energy Boosting Music

Yup, good exercise starts with great music- especially groovy music as the beats pump up your blood. The stronger the beat, the more energy you get.

Scan through your favorite artist’s discography, you will surely find three or more pump ups music. Artists like Beyonce, such an icon. She can actually be your inspiration as Beyonce likes working out to improve her stamina since she always sings live while doing killer moves. The girl can sang (sang, not just sing), for real. And it shows in her physique how healthy she is. Justine Timberlake has great discography too, love his ‘sexy back’ song.

Make a Plan and Write It Down

Write down your workout plan and read it over and over again, until you realize that you really have to start accomplishing your plan. That’s how it works, ladies and gentleman.

This serves as your reminder as well. You will thank yourself later for doing it.

Level Up Your Game

Imagine exercising the same routine for a month. That will be so boring and monotonous. Changing up your routines pushes you to work harder as it will challenge your body. Start from level one and increase it every week.

Visualize the Result

What will I look like after a good month of exercise? How fulfilling it is to drop some weights or to gain some pounds? What if I gain huge biceps, abs, and muscles? Not just your physical appearance, your health as well. You will no longer worry about getting health conditions and diseases.

Visualizing success is a big help to motivate yourself to start working out or to exercise.

Take Your Time

Hey, exercising and working out is not a race. Do not force yourself if you really don’t feel like it. Forcing yourself will do more harm than good. What if you’re injured by forcing yourself to lift weights or you break a leg by doing squats?

It takes time, a lot of times to be committed. Don’t get jealous of others’ progress. You will get there soon.

Ask for Support

It’s such a good feeling when you do something knowing that there are people that have full support in you. If you can build a cheering squad just for you, do it. Recruit your family or your friends. This will boost your determination to succeed.

You can also invite them. Educate them on the health benefits of exercising. This way, you might persuade them to go to the gym with you.

Invest in Gym Clothes

Choose comfortable clothing for your own safety. You can’t do squats with tight jeans. Sometimes, your progress slows you down when you are distracted. Gym clothes prevent the risk of injuries and a great outfit makes you feel good.

And Lastly, Do it For Yourself

Don’t exercise or go to the gym just because other people told you to do so. Don’t work out just because they told you to lose weight or you’re too skinny you might need some flesh. Don’t even think about doing it for revenge. Instead, take it in a positive way and make it an inspiration.

It must come from your willingness. Besides, you’re not exercising to make others healthy, you exercise for your own benefit. Chase them away from your mind so you can concentrate on yourself.

At the end of the day, our health is still our top priority. How we handle it is up to us. Just stay healthy by avoiding vices for a better future.