Can Running Slow Down The Aging Process?


Science reveals potential running benefits may be linked to better health in our older years. Weight-bearing exercise like running is key to maintaining bone health. Older adults’ muscles normally become less efficient and use as much as 20 percent more energy to walk the same distance as young adults. But older runners maintained that youthful, muscular whole-body efficiency. Running has already been associated with many health benefits that may help combat the challenges of aging.

Aerobic Activity.

Running is a vigorous aerobic activity: It gets the heart and lungs pumping, which is crucial for cardiovascular health at any age and especially in our older years, when the risk for chronic disease increases. Aerobic activity causes the blood vessels to relax and in doing so helps to keep blood vessels elastic and helps prevent high blood pressure. High blood pressure is associated with heart attack, stroke, dementia, kidney damage, sexual dysfunction, vision loss and maybe even bone loss and sleep apnea.

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