8 Warning Signs You Could Be Having A Stroke

• Muscle Issues.

Different muscular problems which would include having a hard time walking, instability, paralysis with weak muscles, issues with coordination, stiff muscles, reflexes that are overactive or paralysis of one side of the body.

• Visual problems

These could include blurred vision, double vision, a sudden loss of vision or just temporary loss of sight in one eye.

• Balance

Whole body issues such as fatigue, lightheadedness or vertigo.

• Speech

Speech problems such as a hard time getting words out, speech that’s slurred or even speech loss.

• Feeling

Sensory issues such as a feeling of pins and needles or a reduced sensation of touch.

• Facial Issues

Facial problems such as muscle weakness or even complete numbness.

• Numbness

Issues with limbs such as numbness or weakness.

• Swallowing

You might also have a hard time with swallowing, experience serious headaches, have a hard time understanding, and experience mental confusion or experience rapid or what’s called involuntary eye movement.