7 Things Nails Reveal About Your Health


Did you know that fingernails can be a window into your health? Since they are constantly growing, they provide a history of nutrition, illnesses, injuries, and even hidden serious conditions. Fingernails and toenails protect sensitive skin from damage as we use our hands and feet. Losing a nail let you know just how important nails are! Take a hard look at your fingernails. If you see any of these conditions, you should visit with your doctor.

#1 White Or Pale Nails.

Hollis Tuttle, an instructor at Mile High Run Club, suggests choosing gear that is specifically designed for winter weather. “Thin, moisture-wicking layers are best worn against the skin,” she says. “They will pull sweat away from the body and dry quicker.” Depending on the temps, you may need a mid-layer as well, but regardless, you’ll want to make sure to wear wind- and rain-resistant outerwear. “Your top layer should be made of breathable nylon or Gore-tex to help protect you from wind and possible precipitation,” Tuttle says.

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