7 Health Care Changes You Need To Be Aware Of In 2019

Superior Transparency

How often did you want to know how much a certain procedure would cost? How often did you want to know if it were possible to get certain tests performed at other areas for less than what you were being told? What about the price of certain drugs or even having the option to go out of state to save money?

Due to technology and the superior way information is shared these days, you’re going to be able to get information on virtually anything healthcare cost related you want. This allows you to control expenses better, check out doctors better and not be at the mercy of what your insurance is willing to pay for better.

The ability to rate your doctor experience

Social media as well as other specialized websites are making it easier for consumer to know what type of doctor experience they can expect. This means that doctors will have to treat patients more seriously in terms of making sure they are truly reassured and comfortable with their overall doctor experience.

The growing of home based healthcare

Home based healthcare is where people are able to do a lot of the things a nurse would usually do or what they would have to go to a doctor for, but at home. This would come through different guidance mechanisms.

Analytics are going to be used more

A lot of people don’t like analytics, because the numbers can sometimes work against them. We’re talking about analytics for doctors though as well as other forms of providers. Analytics will be used more in order to determine who is providing quality care and who is falling below a specific required quality score.

AI technology being used to help determine risk factors

AI technology isn’t going away; in fact it’s only going to get better. In 2019 and beyond you can expect it to be used in place of going to a doctor in terms of basic questions. Smartphone technology will also be used to speak with doctors through face time rather than actually having to go in.

Competing healthcare plans

In 2019 people are going to be able to lower their health insurance costs. This is going to come as a result of insurers being able to offer short term coverage that will be lower cost and less comprehensive than a lot of Obamacare options.

Personalized medications

In 2019 and beyond medications are going to start focusing more on not just treating symptoms, but personalization. Personalization is going to mean that medications can be tailored in a way that will not only make them more effective, but will reduce serious side effect risks and other risk factors associated with using them. These risk factors can sometimes come due to allergies.