7 Amazing Gift Ideas For Cancer Patients

1. Supply Meals

Finding the time to cook regularly is a challenge even for those with no health issues, let alone someone struggling with cancer. Offering meals is a gift-giving staple for a reason: It takes a huge burden off patients.

2. Throw Them A Party

“A friend threw a hat and scarf party for me! I received hats, wigs, scarves, bandannas, headbands and pretty pink earrings and bracelets. I can’t even remember everything I got! The whole church was there, plus my family and friends. I was so surprised. I cried (and) I was so happy!” – Debbie Wattelet-McKee

3. Help With Daily Tasks

One thing a cancer patient doesn’t need any more of? Stress. Offering to help out with chores like house cleaning, feeding pets or driving kids to school/sports will lift a huge weight off your loved one’s shoulders. The less they focus on day-to-day chores, the more they can focus on getting better.

4. Photos Of Happy Memories

Giving pictures of friends and family from happy times are sure to brighten your loved one’s day. Here’s a sweet idea of how you can incorporate photos into an awesome gift: “When my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, her nephews presented her with a blanket with pictures of them that she could use for her chemo treatments.” – Kathy Jones

5. Regular Visits

Coordinate with your loved one to find the days they’ll be undergoing treatment and pick times that work for both of you to come visit. Trust us, simply showing up makes a world of difference to someone going through a health crisis.

6. Monetary Gifts

Gifting money can sometimes be considered taking the easy route. That’s simply not true. Offering financial support can be one of the most thoughtful (and needed) gifts you can give to a cancer patient. Many patients have to limit or give up working altogether due to their condition, and on top of that, treatment is expensive.

7. Give the Gift Of Love

It matters much less what you choose to give as long as you give it with love. They certainly put us in the giving mood.