6 Yoga Poses That Improves Your Health


People of all ages can practice yoga – and reap its benefits, like improve mobility, ease pain and stay mentally sharp. If there’s one thing you can’t avoid, it’s getting older. But there’s plenty you can do to ease the aging process. Yoga, for one, can keep your body limber, ease pain and lead to greater mental clarity.

1. Side Angle.

As you get older, gravity starts to take hold, and it’s common to develop bad posture. Side angle creates a stretch through the sides of your torso, which helps maintain length and mobility in your spine. Holding this pose also strengthens your legs, hips and back. Start with your right foot forward in a warrior two stance. When you bend your front knee straight over your foot, make sure your thigh is parallel to the floor. Rest your right forearm on your thigh and spin your palm toward the ceiling. Square your hips and chest toward the wall you’re facing and stretch your top arm alongside your ear with your palm facing down. Make a straight diagonal line from your back heel all the way through your left fingertips. As you find your balance, slowly look up. Hold for five breaths and move to the second side.

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