6 Tips From Pros About Running In The Cold


Sometimes running really sucks. There’s almost nothing worse than trying to crank out miles when it’s dark and cold and windy and miserable and all you really want is to be in your bed snuggled up watching TV. ere’s what the pros have to say about running when your nose, toes, and entire body feel like they might freeze off.

#1 Layer Up.

Hollis Tuttle, an instructor at Mile High Run Club, suggests choosing gear that is specifically designed for winter weather. “Thin, moisture-wicking layers are best worn against the skin,” she says. “They will pull sweat away from the body and dry quicker.” Depending on the temps, you may need a mid-layer as well, but regardless, you’ll want to make sure to wear wind- and rain-resistant outerwear. “Your top layer should be made of breathable nylon or Gore-tex to help protect you from wind and possible precipitation,” Tuttle says.

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