6 Surprising Every-Day Meals That Will Make You Gain Weight

Eating foods that are low in calorie combined with exercise is the best way to lose weight. However, there are a number of foods out there which are advocated as weight loss foods but they are actually not that way at all. Maybe you cannot understand why you are not losing weight even though you are eating apparent ‘healthy’ foods. The following food items are a lot more unhealthy than what they seem, so you need to eliminate them from your diet.

#1 Smoothies

Smoothies can be beneficial to weight loss but only if they are made correctly. Even though fruits and vegetables go into smoothies, they are often far more unhealthy than what they seem. Fruit is very sugary and when combined with syrups, frozen yogurt and other ingredients – it is not going to be good for your waistline.

#2 Avocado

Hailed as a health food, avocado actually contains high levels of different fats. It’s true that this complex item does have many benefits but it’s also worth keeping in mind that 77% of the calories in avocado comes from fat. Eat these sparingly and stick to small portions rather than a whole avocado.

#3 Yogurt

Yogurt has a lot of protein so it is good for weight loss in some ways but it also contains heaps of sugar. Read the packaging on any yogurts you purchase and look for ones that have lower levels of sugar and contain mostly natural ingredients.

#4 Whole Milk

Milk has many vitamins that your body needs but drink too much of it especially the whole kind, and you are going to be consuming way too many calories without even knowing. Get all the benefits of milk while also benefiting your waistline by sticking to non fat or skimmed milk.

#5 Cheddar Cheese

There is no doubt that cheddar cheese is delicious and it does contain some health benefits. However, it is energy dense which means it contains way more calories than what your body needs. Eat cheddar in small portions and not too often and you should be trying to stick to cheeses like feta and goats cheese.

#6 Vegetable Burgers

You might be fooled in thinking that because a burger is made from primarily vegetables that it is good for you but often, this is not the case. If you get a veggie burger from a fast food establishment, the likelihood is that it is packed full of cheese and cooked in oil.