6 Simple Tricks To Drink More Water Daily

Drinking water is not only good but absolutely necessary for a healthy body and mind. Although the benefits of being sufficiently hydrated are great, such as a healthier stomach and skin, weight loss and better control over diabetes, most people aren’t able to consume the required amount of water. Let us take a look at some tricks to make this a bit easier.

#1 Fruit, Vegetable And Herb Infusion

Try and mix it up a little! Instead of drinking plain water, try drinking differently flavored water every day. All you have to do is leave a few orange rinds or cucumber slices in a jar of water overnight. In the morning, you can have a cold and delicious glass of flavored water. What’s more, certain kinds of infusion – like mint and lemon are believed to boost weight loss.

#2 Use A (Paper) Straw

This may sound strange… but drinking from a straw actually helps drink faster! Before you know it, you will have finished your calculated water intake for the day. Remember to use paper and not plastic straws, so as to reduce your environmental impact.

#3 Keep A Water Bottle While Commuting

Since many of us spend a fair number of hours commuting, having a bottle of water handy ensures you never go thirsty while being on the move, especially in hot weather. Remember to use a reusable bottle to cut down on plastic wastage.

#4 Make A Water Wager

Gang up with your friends, co-workers and gym mates and set up shared calendars to ensure you are all on the same page. You can make it more interesting by making wagers – for example, the person who drinks the least treats everyone else to a meal!

#5 Get A High-Tech Water Bottle

If you want to monitor your water intake in detail, opt for a smart water-bottle. Some of those available on the market record the amount sip or drink and send the data to your cell phone through an app. They even glow to tell you to drink more water and the apps give information about your water-drinking habits.

#6 Sip Water Before Meals

It is generally considered good practice to drink a bit of water before every meal, since you tend to feel a little full and that, in turn, stops you from overeating. Drinking a glass about half an hour before a meal is also believed to aid digestion.