6 Simple Exercises To Counteract Workplace Sitting

#1 Core Breathing

“A strong core will prevent injury and reduce pain that can develop elsewhere,” says fitness expert Christie Seaver. “When you exhale, draw your muscles up and in, like you are zipping up your skinny jeans,” she says. “Ten to 20 focused repetitions usually do the trick.”

#2 Neck And Shoulder Stretches

Seaver says. “Hold and breathe while gently applying slight pressure above the ear. Then repeat to the other side.” Stretching brings multiple benefits, such as preventing injury, increasing blood flow, regulating breathing and calming the mind.

#3 Calf Lengtheners

“While keeping your heels on the ground, bend you knees out over your toes without sticking your tailbone out.” Doing so can be surprisingly hard, but helpful, she says: “Eight to 10 repetitions will lengthen the calves right away.”

#4 Exercise Bursts

To benefit your heart, you need to move. “Taking a brisk walk at lunch, climbing the stairs, parking your car far away from the door – all these things are useful. They burn calories and build net minutes of exercise.”

#5 On-site Opportunities

Many workplaces offer wellness benefits such as gym memberships and company-paid time to exercise. Employers may partner with local fitness facilities to provide free or discounted access to gym equipment and exercise classes for workers.

#6 Workout Buddies

Your potential new fitness partner could be waiting in a nearby cubicle. Coming in early to meet for a morning run is a great way to check off “workout” on your daily to-do list.