6 Meal Preps For The Holidays

No one needs to know that today’s salmon will be tomorrow’s salad topper and the next day’s burger base. A busy work week is one thing, but doing it with house full of guests is another. You can always learn from my dietitian colleagues, so these 6 questions where asked if they were hiering.

#1 Stock Up On Essentials

“You can’t prep meals without ingredients, and the last place you want to be during the holidays is standing in a mile-long line at the supermarket,” says Jessica Levinson,

#2 Buy Pre-washed And Cut Veggies

When I’m really short on time and I want to eat healthy, I buy veggies that are already washed, peeled and cut.

#3 Batch-Cook Soups And Stews

It usually starts with using the bird from Thanksgiving to make a turkey broth that then becomes the base for my turkey chili, minestrone and wild rice soups,” she says.

#4 Freeze Single-Serve Bags Of Fruit For Smoothies

It’s just too easy to pick up a few dozen bagels to get everyone fed. But Amy Gorin, owner of Amy Gorin Nutrition in the New York City area, doesn’t fall into that trap. “To make sure that I’m ready for a healthy breakfast during the busy holiday season, I’ll prep bags of fruit for smoothies.

#5 Shop Once, Eat Thrice

“I like to buy foods that can last all week that I only have to really cook once … they just appear in different forms,” says Bonnie Taub-Dix, creator of and author of “Read It Before You Eat It

#6 Keep The Instant Pot Close

Dana Angelo White, a registered dietitian, certified athletic trainer and author of the “Healthy Instant Pot Cookbook,” uses her Instant Pot for all kinds of holidays meals. “Whether it’s a batch of spiced cider, mashed potatoes for a holiday meal or a make-ahead brunch for overnight guests, the Instant Pot can help me get healthy and festive recipes prepared in less time.”