6 Food Combinations So Deadly They May Kill You

There are certain food combinations believed to be dangerous to your health, even though the individual foods are healthy. Do you need to worry? In truth, most of these food combinations are avoided in certain cultures as a result of superstition or belief in the practice of Ayurveda. Some food combinations can cause digestive distress in some people, but pretty much every human is sensitive to certain things.

#1 Milk And Lemon.

For starters, after infancy some people have difficulty digesting milk. And when lemon is added to warm milk, the milk gets curdled. It happens because a protein in milk called casein gets “precipitated” when the acid in lemon juice increases the acidity of the milk. Curdling is the result. However, the curdling process happens incredibly slowly when lemon is added to cold milk. Skip products with milk and lemon only if either of the individual ingredients bothers you, or if the milk is curdled because of spoilage.

#2 Mint In Carbonated Drinks.

The story goes that mixing mint into carbonated beverages like soda creates a deadly dose of cyanide. However, the basic assertion is utter nonsense. You are probably aware that mint and soda does create a fantastic chemical reaction, but there is no cyanide. No one has ever died by consuming mint and carbonated beverages together. This can be a fun science experiment but it may cause some discomfort. If you love the flavor of mint in soda, there are various brands available to purchase or you can make it at home.

#3 Fruit With Any Other Food.

The thought behind this one is that fruit is fast and easy to digest but other foods stay in the stomach longer. Therefore, when that fruit stays behind with the rest of your meal, it becomes fermented in your stomach. This is a really prevalent myth that would have people eat fruit only by itself and only if you won’t be eating again for hours. In reality, while the sugars do digest quickly, the fiber in fruit takes longer and slows the absorption of that sugar into your bloodstream – this is a good thing that helps prevent blood sugar spikes and crashes. Fruit is an excellent addition to all kinds of foods, from cereals and bread to proteins and salads.

#4 Fruit With Any Other Food.

Continuing the negative reporting about fruit, Ayurveda says that the combination of bananas and milk “confuses” the digestive system, causing it to release toxins. The fact that a banana tastes sweet but becomes sour upon digestion, while milk becomes sweeter in the stomach, is the purported issue. However, there is no scientific evidence that your stomach is confused by any food combination. Skip these combos if you are allergic to any of the individual elements, but don’t worry about digestive confusion, new allergies, or the risk of making wine in your stomach.

#5 Fish And Dairy.

Some folks are convinced that eating fish with any kind of dairy product gives rise to a skin condition called vitiligo, which causes pale patches to appear on the skin. Vitiligo occurs when the cells that produce melanin begin to die, and doctors aren’t sure what exactly causes this. However, it is much more likely related to immune system failure, a trigger event like serious sunburn, or to genetics than to food. airy is an element in lots of tasty fish dishes; avoid them only if you personally experience digestive discomfort.

#6 Tofu And Spinach.

The warning against eating tofu and spinach together says that the calcium in tofu will bind with the oxalic acid in spinach and cause calcium oxalate kidney stones. But if that were true, why doesn’t the warning apply to all combinations of food that contain either calcium (almonds, broccoli, dairy, kale) or oxalic acid (beets, rhubarb, endive, kale)? Eating something high in calcium along with a food containing oxalic acid or oxalate can actually reduce your risk of kidney stones.