6 Alarming Facts About Asthma And Allergies

1. Pollen Travels Hundreds Of Miles

Just when you thought it was safe to move across state lines, turns out pollen may be in hot pursuit. Ragweed pollen has been measured in the air 400 miles out to sea and two miles into the atmosphere, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

2. You’re Probably Not Allergic To Flowers

Dr. Jay Portnoy, says it’s rare for flower pollen to worsen your seasonal allergy symptoms: “You’re not allergic to flowers, you’re allergic to weeds, grasses or trees,” he says.

3. Ladybug Allergies Are Real

“Ladybugs are usually thought of as cute and even good luck,” says Dr. Andy Nish, “However, it is possible to develop an allergy to ladybugs, just like you can become allergic to cats, dogs or pollen.

4. Thunderstorms Worsen Asthma

“With thunderstorms, mold and pollen cells will be ripped apart,” he says. “Exploding” allergens carried by the wind often send people with asthma to the emergency room, Portnoy says, adding that they should use their inhalers and be prepared during storms.

5. Fruit And Nut Peels Can Lead To A Wicked Rash

While it’s not common, it’s possible to develop a rash that resembles poison ivy or oak by coming into contact with mango peels and unpeeled cashews, Nish says.

6. Stress Intensifies Symptoms

“Anxiety makes your breath shallow and shorter, which can make it worse.” Studies have shown that stress is known to increase the rate of asthma hospitalizations needed for treatment.