5 Foods You Can Overdose On

#1 Soy Sauce

In 2013, a 19-year-old man from Virginia drank 0.9 liters (1 qt) of soy sauce after being dared by his friends to do so. He went into a coma and nearly died from the extreme levels of salt in his body.

#2 Tea

An Arkansas man suffered kidney failure as a result of drinking too much iced tea.The 56-year-old man drank about 16 240-milliliter (8 oz) cups of iced tea every day.

#3 Nutmeg

Ingesting as little as approximately 4.4 grams (2 tsp) of the spice can result in nutmeg toxicity. Usually, people who ingest large amounts of nutmeg are looking for a high. The spice contains a natural compound called myristicin, which has hallucinogenic effects in large doses that are similar to the high from LSD.

#4 Toothpaste

Too much toothpaste can have tragic results. In the early 1990s, toothpaste labels contained basic warnings that said, “Do Not Swallow. In 1997, a poison warning was added to toothpaste products that contained fluoride.

#5 Cruciferous Vegetables

In 2011, a man was hospitalized after overdosing on Brussels sprouts at Christmas dinner. The man had a mechanical heart and was taking anticoagulants. Like most cruciferous vegetables, Brussels sprouts contain high amounts of vitamin K, which promotes blood clotting.