5 Bacterial Infections That Can Creatively Kill You

E. coli Hemorrhagic Colitis

Essentially, this disease leads to bacteria that will cause such bad, bloody diarrhea that the person, if untreated, can poop themself to death through severe dehydration, kidney damage, and blood loss. You can pick up these bacteria by consuming poorly treated food or water contaminated by excrement.

Scarlet Fever

This disease is caused by a group of bacteria known as group A beta-hemolytic streptococci. Scarlet fever often begins with a sore throat and a fever, commonly known as strep throat. Scarlet fever can cause throat abscesses, heart problems, and kidney problems, leading to death.


The most common form, pulmonary tuberculosis, involves a bacterial infection of the lungs. Active infections may lead to a wide variety of pulmonary symptoms, including a bloody cough, weight loss, and trouble breathing. Acutely and chronically ill individuals lost large amounts of body weight fighting this infection, leading to a frail and wasted appearance.


Unlike other diseases, leptospirosis can be unassuming in terms of its symptoms. An infected person can have no symptoms at all. In other cases, symptoms include yellowing of the skin and kidney failure, leading to death.


Syphilis is caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum and occurs in three stages, known as primary, secondary, and tertiary. As the disease progresses, the patient will develop flu-like symptoms and enter into the secondary stage. In the final phase, the patient may develop disfiguring lesions, heart problems, a central nervous system infection, and even insanity.