Close up of caucasian man's hand holding belly abdominal fat - concept of junk food and diet

4 Things To Monitor That Cause Belly Fat

1. Stress

Most persons don’t realize that stress can seriously target the belly area. Stress can cause your body to consistently store fat in your belly due to the overproduction of a chemical called cortisol. The body craves the opposite of stress which is relaxation.

2. Diet

We all know that food is a large contributor to the size of your belly. Studies show that the correct breakdown of nutrients in your diet should be 25 percent carbohydrates, 35 percent fats, and 40 percent proteins to help reduce the maximum amount of fat around your belly. Recommendations are to stay away from sugar and sweetened drinks, plus reduce the refined carbs.

3. Resistance To Insulin

According to some doctors, the increase in insulin resistance is a consequence of inflammation that disrupts the signaling between the insulin receptor and the cells, which can cause fat around the belly area. In order to use stored fat for energy, you have to reduce your calorie intake.

4. Hormones

When hormones are imbalanced, your body is imbalanced and this can result in belly fat. Estrogen in women is a large contributor to this as it is produced by fat cells. According to research, hormone and fat cell production is the reason for fat around the abdominal area. Eating cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower can help regulate belly fat.