6 Food Combinations So Deadly They May Kill You


There are certain food combinations believed to be dangerous to your health, even though the individual foods are healthy. Do you need to worry? In truth, most of these food combinations are avoided in certain cultures as a result of superstition or belief in the practice of Ayurveda. Some food combinations can cause digestive distress in some people, but pretty much every human is sensitive to certain things.

#1 Milk And Lemon.

For starters, after infancy some people have difficulty digesting milk. And when lemon is added to warm milk, the milk gets curdled. It happens because a protein in milk called casein gets “precipitated” when the acid in lemon juice increases the acidity of the milk. Curdling is the result. However, the curdling process happens incredibly slowly when lemon is added to cold milk. Skip products with milk and lemon only if either of the individual ingredients bothers you, or if the milk is curdled because of spoilage.

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