6 Exercises You Can Do With Only Free Weights


No machines, no problem. Free weights are simpler, cheaper and lighter than exercise machines, so they must be relatively worthless, deserving of the dust they’re prone to collect in people’s basements and hotel gyms. Free weights are amazing for both building strength and improving overall mobility and movement quality. Try these six free-weight exercises to meet your fitness goals and hopefully avoid injury.

#1 Dumbbell Deadlifts.

This exercise emphasizes core, hamstrings, glutes and low back. To perform it, stand a few steps away from a wall, brace your core and breathe while hinging your hips back. Focus on keeping your back flat, your shoulders engaged and your neck neutral. Once your form is correct, add a set of light dumbbells, keeping the tension in your lower back, shoulder blades and glutes. You should feel your butt and hamstrings start to fire.

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