5 Ways To Keep Your Bladder Healthy


One of the worst things we can do for our bladder health over time is holding in urine when our brain is telling our bodies that we’ve got to go. Even though the bladder is an organ that deals with the urinary waste produced by our kidneys, it isn’t just some garbage pale to be ignored. Staying focused on keeping it healthy now can help you stave off a variety of painful, debilitating and even some life-threatening conditions down the road.

#1 Drink Water.

When you hear the advice to “drink more fluids,” recognize that they aren’t all created equal. A 10-ounce can of soda isn’t going to offer the same health benefits that a straight glass of water will, even though they’re both technically considered “drinkable liquids.” Even if you don’t love the taste of plain water, do try to make it a more consistent feature among the beverages you drink – aiming for six to eight cups a day.

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