5 Ways To Fix Your Bumpy, Dry Elbows

Self Help

Doctors call the skin on the outside of the elbow an “extensor surface,” which refers to all the places that have to stretch when you bend your joints (like your knees and knuckles too). That’s why they’re a completely different texture from the rest of your skin. Since most humans do almost everything with their arms, the elbows get rubbed, bumped, and leaned on a whole lot.

#1 Don’t Scratch, Pick, Or Rub It.

“A lot of people, especially with symptoms like scaling, want to pick the skin off,” says dermatologist Sejal Shah, M.D. “That’s aggravating it and makes the skin worse.” And pay attention to the ways you might be inadvertently irritating your elbows too. There are plenty of things people do without realizing how it may be affecting their skin.

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