5 Ways To Decrease Hospital Readmissions

Self Help

Hospitals want to prevent discharged patients from getting caught in the revolving door. Patients are happy to stay away from hospitals as much as possible. Hospitals face financial penalties for excessive readmissions. Even so, many people with challenging health conditions leave the hospital only to reappear in the emergency room, sicker than ever. Some readmissions are unavoidable, but others are preventable.

#1 Rapid Follow-Up

Congestive heart failure is one of the highest-risk diagnoses for early hospital readmission. Heart failure patients who see a doctor for a clinic appointment soon after discharge ā€“ or receive a follow-up phone call from a nurse or pharmacist within the health care system ā€“ are less likely to be re-hospitalized. Timing of follow-up matters, it should be done within seven days of hospital discharge.

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