5 Things That Happens To Your Body When You Eat Oatmeal Every Day


Oatmeal is made of ground oats, or “groats” as many have coined them. These groats come in many forms from milled to steel cut or rolled. You can have them thick (old-fashioned) or thin (instant) depending on the texture you’re after or the amount of time you have to prepare them. Oatmeal is also chock full of fiber, which, as we know, will do great and wonderful things to your body.

#1 You Will Be “Regular”.

Oatmeal, no matter the form, is nearly pure fiber. Fiber is something that is extremely difficult to digest without a lot of help from fluids inside your body. So, the oats serve as as sponge, soaking up water and other fluids as it moves with ease through your digestive system and right out of you. This keep you having regular bowel movements so that you’re not backed up and feeling all stuffed up and gross.

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